Let's Worship Together


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TRIO is a group of friends that have come together to lead worship using one of the most beloved styles of music, Southern Gospel.  We bring a unique blend of three voices.  Every time TRIO hits the stage the energy is contagious and the show is so much fun.

This group brings an honesty and powerful testimony that will inspire your Church , Senior Groups, Events, Worship Services, or whatever other creative venues we can serve.


Amanda and her family are natives of the New RIver Valley in Virginia.  Scott, her husband, and son, Noah, are a great team for ministry.  Amanda brings a load of experience in group singing and has been traveling for many years with her family.  Her testimony is a powerful piece of our ministry that we pray will impact every group we minister to.  If you really want to bring a smile to her face treat her to a good, ol' fashioned, Hardees biscuit.


Chris and Kelly have been married for 13 years and love to sing and play together.  Chris has been singing Lead/Tenor for many years but jokes that Kelly taught him how to sing harmony.  He was saved at a Youth Convention as a teenager and received a call to ministry.  Chris loves quartet singing and has a passion to see the gospel advanced using gospel music.  His high level of energy is contagious and sure to inspire you.  He loves a good bag of Chewy Sweettarts.


Kelly and Chris have two daughters, Lillyanne and Caroline.  These are the greatest blessings in Kelly's life.  When she is not singing she makes the best cookies and treats you could ever put in your mouth.  Kelly's sweet spirit and spot-on harmonies are a tremendous asset to TRIO.  Blessed with the gift of prayer she brings a beautiful, and essential, part to the team.  If you want to make her dimples come out just ask her about her two precious, and adventurous, girls.